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    • What is Map Updater?
      The Map Updater is a software tool for PC and Mac. It is used for downloading new map data and related content for the Navigation system.
    • Where is the SD Card?
      The Map SD Card should be in the SD Card slot of the vehicle. Please refer to the vehicle handbook for the exact location of the slot.
    • Why is the Map Updater not detecting SD Card?
      The Map Updater only recognises a valid SD Card designed for use with the Navigation system. Any other SD Cards will not be detected. If the SD Card is damaged or the data has been changed in any form without the use of Map Updater, it could result in the SD Card being unrecognised. You may also want to check if the SD Card slot on your PC or Mac is working correctly.
    • How can I check the availability of any Map Updates?
      Use the Map SD Card with the Map Updater to check for available updates. The Map Updater automatically recognises available updates for the detected SD Card and offers them for download and install.
    • Is my Map Updater up to date?
      The Map Updater automatically checks for app updates every time it is launched.
    • Why is my VIN shown in the Map Updater?
      Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique identifier assigned to every vehicle produced. Your VIN can be located on a plate, visible through the base of the windscreen, on the left hand side of the vehicle. The Map Updater uses your VIN to authorise a non-transferable licence for the use of maps on your vehicle during the activation process.
    • Which operating systems does the Map Updater support?
      The Map Updater currently supports Microsoft Windows version 7, 8 and 10 and Mac OS X 10.8 onwards.
    • Can I store my own personal data on the SD Card?
      The Map SD Card is supplied only for use with the Navigation system. The card should not be used for storing any other data. Any changes to the SD Card's content must be carried out only through the Map Updater. Storing other data on the SD Card or making unauthorised changes to data on the SD Card could cause problems with your Navigation system and may invalidate your vehicle warranty.
    • Why is my vehicle not recognising the SD Card?
      If your Map SD Card is not recognised, please ensure that the SD Card is in the unlocked state (small switch on the side of the SD card) and inserted properly in the SD Card slot in the vehicle. If it is inserted correctly, please switch off the ignition, close all doors of the vehicle and lock the vehicle for 2 minutes before restarting the vehicle. If the SD Card is still not recognised, please note any error message that your vehicle is displaying, and contact your Retailer for further assistance.
    • Why are some of the options greyed out?
      The Map Updater automatically recognises the contents of the connected SD Card. The availability of certain buttons and/or features may be linked to the contents of the SD Card.
    • Why is no VIN linked to the SD Card?
      This message indicates that the Map Updater could not find a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the card. Please contact your Retailer.
    • Are the older maps deleted on a new install?
      Yes, newer maps delete and replace the older version of maps.
    • Can I cancel a download and install in progress?
      No, the Download and Install process must complete fully to maintain consistency and validity of the map contents on the SD Card. Please do not close the Map Updater or remove the SD Card while Download and Install is in progress.
    • What do I do if I have lost, broken or damaged my SD Card?
      You will need to order a new SD Card. Please contact your Retailer for further assistance.
    • Do you have a contact centre for support?
      Please contact your local Retailer for further assistance.

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Durante o processo de introdução do InControl, algumas funcionalidades específicas podem ser opcionais e depender do mercado ou conjunto motor/transmissão. Contacte o seu Concessionário Jaguar para informação sobre a disponibilidade e os termos completos. Algumas funcionalidades exigem um cartão SIM adequado, associado a um contrato de dados apropriado, que irá exigir uma assinatura adicional após o prazo inicial indicado pelo seu concessionário. Não garantimos a conectividade com a rede móvel em todos os locais.